Buffet & Entertainment Night


8/16/17 Farm Buffet is full

*SPECIAL* 10 reservations for $300. a great way for co-workers, team mates, groups, families, friends to share this localvor meal on the farm with movie, games, fire, bar and more!

$45. at farm

In conjunction with Open Farm Week

Wednesday August 16, 2017 6:30 PM

A unique and tasty buffet with farm grown and other local sides and of course dessert. Complimentary bar beverage for advanced reservations.

A great time to gather with friends, family, meet new interesting people while watching an amazing sunset around a fire.

This special buffet will also feature a movie.

Come for a memorable, old time Vermont evening, dress for the weather.

Tell you friends and family, a great event not to be missed! We look forward to hosting you!

Non-alcoholic drinks provided.

Cash bar

$35.00 advanced reservations

$45.00 at farm

6-10 years $10.00, 6 years and under, free

Pine needle basket workshop from 3-6:30, $25.00 great for ages 10 and up;

“The farm dinner we attended on July 16, exceeded all expectations. The food and atmosphere were excellent! You all did a wonderful job in preparing and presenting great locally grown food. This was better than any outdoor wedding or event I ever attended.”

“Thank you for an extraordinary evening in your field under the setting red sun. Everything was a delight…the gourmet local cheeses, the array of crudites and astonishing hors d’oeuvres. We loved how the people from the community were so  delighted to be a part of the event  serving with such enthusiasm and the wonderful descriptions  of the dishes. It was clear how much effort you all put into the evening to make it elegant delicious and so much fun.”

Reserve for the Aug. 16 open farm week buffet and movie night

8/16/17 Farm Buffet is full

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8/16/17 Farm Buffet is full

Refund Policy

  • $25.00 refund if reservation is cancelled at least 3 weeks before the dinner,
  • $20.00 refund if reservation is cancelled 2 weeks prior
  • no refunds if cancelled a week prior to your reservation
  • if rescheduled due to sever weather and you can’t make the rain date,  $15.00 refunded, MAKE SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE FOUL WEATHER DATE!( likely won’t reschedule, we make every effort keep to the schedule, dining is in the greenhouse)
  • switching dinner dates, if same # of reservations available at both dates, no charge, $20.00 refunded 2 weeks prior, $15.00 refund 1 week before dinner date.

find people to purchase your reservations,