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 CSA Info & Pricing

We are proud to provide healthy organic produce to our community and are grateful for the overwhelming support of our CSA. Now more than ever, people want to know where their food comes from and be a part of local food security.  We help make that connection.

Our CSA is a way for you to eat well, know where your food comes from, it will help support your overall well-being, but you are also part of something bigger: a local economy rooted in practices that not only feed the community, but also keep farmland in production building healthy soils, strong local economies, and climate resiliency.

Our goal on the farm has always been to feed and nourish our community (that’s you!). We’re making some changes that will allow you to come to the farm while meeting our CSA goal—providing you with fresh, flavorful produce and other value-added products.

Here’s what’s new for 2023

· We’ll offer a limited number of traditional CSA shares, operating in the way we have in the past via Sunday emails

· We’ll also offer a new farmstand a la carte option

· We are only offering farm pick up this year, I can help you coordinate if you want a rotational delivery to Rock Art or the Stowe Land Trust

· Anyone can stop by the farmstand to shop Wednesdays through Saturdays, even without a pre-order. I’m only planning to harvest a few extra items to avoid waste, so a pre order is best

Here’s how the a la carte option works: You don’t have to commit to receiving produce every week. You’ll receive Sara’s weekly Sunday email with google link to see what’s available. You can order what you want when you reply through the link. 

Prefer the CSA? You can also simply continue to receive our produce each week by signing up for one of the limited number of traditional CSA shares. You’ll receive the Sunday email to see that week’s produce, along with the google link of extra items you can add on.

This year the traditional CSA is $210 for the early season and $240 for the mid and late seasons. To receive all three CSA seasons, 18 weeks, will be $690.

The a la carte and additional item prices will be listed weekly, pre-pay or weekly payments are accepted.

With either option, your items will be bagged or bunched by variety.

It will be your responsibility to pack your own share.

The produce will be fresh on Wednesdays and available to pick up through Saturdays.

Greens, other produce, spring seedlings and more items should be available in mid-May. 

Please fill out this quick survey to let us know your interest in this season’s farm offerings.

Other bonuses, you’ll be invited to 2 annual complimentary Farm Events just for CSA members.

Discounted rates on farm events throughout the year.

What we eat and how we nourish ourselves matter.  When you eat locally you become part of a place that supports the community and local food system, too.

*Note: If you or someone you know could use help paying for our CSA, NOFA-VT has funds to provide a discount for income-qualifying applicants. Visit NOFA to learn more about the program and apply here.

Donate to the Farm Share Program to help feed neighbors in need.

Please check back in February for 2023 information and to sign up.

Orders are fulfilled weekly from mid-May through November, and are available for weekly pickup on the farm.

I just picked my share up and it is terrific! I just want to add, that your communication has been extraordinarily. We have participated in CSAs for about 10 years and have enjoyed yours the most. Thank you!
Anne Tribush

2021 & 2022 CSA Memer

You are doing the ultimate work of motherhood by nourishing us and taking care of the land. I can’t think of more important or relevant work at this time,  Thank you!  Happy Mother’s Day!


2021 & 2022 CSA Member

I was given the gift of the CSA 3 years ago for Mother’s Day and have signed up for the full season every year since.

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to my family having access to locally grown organic food, experimenting with new ingredients in fun and healthy recipes, I am now connected to an amazing community of like-minded people and eaters. I can’t wait to


2020, 2021 & 2022 CSA Member

I really enjoy the personal communication from Sara each week – it’s really wonderful to feel like part of the farm community! The quality of all the produce we receive is 10/10 – and we thoroughly enjoy all of it. The pickup is very convenient for us. And, the ability to skip weeks when we are out of town has been very helpful.

Dani, 2020, 2021, 2022 CSA member

I want you to know how much I appreciate getting your fresh produce every week. It inspired me to cook healthier meals for my husband and myself. 

Laurie, 2022 CSA member

  • Flowers
    • $200 per 10 bouquets
    • Farm pickup only: 4 days advance notice required
  • Eggs
    • $70 per 10 Dozen