2020 Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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Every spring, when the snow turns to the texture of granulated sugar and the warm sun melts the frost on the window panes, the sugar maples come out of their long winter’s sleep. The result is one of Nature’s most sumptuous delights — fresh maple sap, boiled down to thick, rich syrup as sweet as springtime itself.

Sandiwood Farm’s 35-acre sugarbush produces some of the highest quality, best-tasting maple syrup in Vermont! Using old traditions and new techniques, sap is gathered by hand in buckets, as well as through gravity-fed pipeline to our sugar house.

Approximately forty gallons of pure sap is boiled down to make each gallon of golden nectar. During the early spring (when the sap is running and sweetest), the smells of bubbling, boiling syrup bring joy as we stoke the fire.

Come and see how we make artisan small batch, wood fired, maple syrup at Sandiwood farm the traditional way. If you are too far away to visit, be sure to order some fresh Vermont syrup for your own kitchen and table.

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