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We take great pride to produce our pure Vermont Maple Syrup in small batches, over a wood flame, and slowly boiled the old fashioned way without reverse osmosis which leads to longer boils and more flavor. A true artisan product of nature & taste of our place! Taste the Difference – Sandiwood Farms Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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Every spring when the temperatures drop below freezing at night and warm up during the day, sap flows from the sugar maple trees. We take great pride to produce our pure Vermont Maple Syrup in small batches, over a wood flame, and slowly boiled the old fashioned way without reverse osmosis. With over 40 gallons of sap needed to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup, the process requires many long hours of stoking the fire to remove excess water. The result is a deeper, complex product that is rich in color and flavor. Taste the difference for yourself.

Our Maple Syrup Bundle includes one of every size, including our 1.75oz nip, half pint, pint, quart, and half gallon). These are shipped with flat rate boxes, great for gifts or stocking up!

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Grade A: Dark Robust

From our trees to your table, be assured our maple syrup is produced with ethics you care about. We are proud to use regenerative agricultural practices & work to be the best stewards of the land.
  •  No Reverse Osmosis – Today a large % of sugar makers use reverse osmosis before boiling their sap, we won't compromise flavor & quality that are lost without the longer sap boils that we do. It takes 40 + gallons of sap to boil down to 1 gallon of maple syrup.  We are committed to keeping old traditions alive as well as real taste & care throughout the process.
  • No diatomaceous earth - In the maple sugaring industry today large quantities of diatomaceous earth are mixed into the syrup when it’s hot before filtering. We were shocked to first see this over 20 years ago & learned it can be used in organic practices. Our syrup is made without any additives.
  • Made in small batches – We boil sap in small batches over a wood fire. Bob & Kyle cut dead wood on our farm, they share the long hours of stoking the “arch” or “sugaring rig” as it’s called. Every ounce of syrup is a true labor of love that we want to share with you so you can taste the difference.
  • Never Blended – All our batches are kept separate so you can taste the refined flavor. Typically maple syrup gets blended with different batches & other farms syrup, not ours.
  •  Open Farm policy- We invite visitors to our farm in all seasons. We love to share the magic of sugaring & offer authentic farm experiences. Contact Sara if you want to come to the sugarhouse for a sap boil or to any of our farm events.
  •  30 + years regenerative & organic agricultural practices Sara & Bob have been producing maple syrup and growing produce on the farm they built over 30 years ago. Only 1 tap per  tree & use sustainable farming practices to keep the land viable for many generations to come.
  • Commitment to our customers - We will continue to provide excepional customer service & do our very best to produce nutrient-dense, delicious maple syrup so you have an enjoyable eating experience. You can feel good to know where your food comes from, help keep organic farmland in production and $ in the local economy.



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